IndiaWorx is a business unit of Brain Above

It brings flexibility and agility to ICT, e-Governance and Integrated Urban Solutions.

Helping customers improve operational efficiency and enhance livability through constant innovation and rapid iteration through our suite of smart products and services.

Why Us

Ideas to Action

You have an idea and don’t know how to move forward. You’re concerned about limited resources, short planning span, and undecided budget – we have the answer for all your unresolved queries.

Long-term Partnership

We don’t want to stop just after developing a product for you. We would love to associate with you on a longer term and see you succeed as an entrepreneur. We want to be a part of the journey with you until you reach the stars.

Lifecycle Management

We work on your idea until it gets transformed and launched as a product in the market. We deploy our tech experts in the entire process, right from UI/UX design to developing and marketing your product on social media. We work as your technical partner when you need the most.

We’re Technology Geeks

Our tech experts are development-hungry and are keen to find awesome product solutions. They are competent and up-to-date on the latest trends in design and development. We like to take up what is considered impossible by the rest of the world. You ideate, we create!

Partnerships & Collaboration

We are collaborative partners and support you as a part of your team. We tend toward close, long-lasting relationships, some for well over a decade.

We’re always looking for partnerships to grow our network and knowledge Whether you’re a small firm or a large agency, we’d we love to work with you. 

Collaboration is key for win-win situation when it comes to creating great work that’s why we invest in partners that challenge today’s standards and drive future innovation. 

A rich network of complementary platforms means we work with industry leaders to deliver the best solutions for our clients.


Our Applications

Smart Waste Management Solution

Mobile App ULB/Citizen connect

Fuel Management System

GIS Survey & Digitalization

ULB Resource Management

Vehicle Tracking System

Weighbridge Automation

GTS/Landfill Digitization

Integrated Vehicle Console


We build products and applications that help people, cities and businesses to grow.


We often tend to go for a solution before attempting to define the problem.


With industry experience and proven research techniques, we provide insights needed to develop a clear strategy for success.


Our Clients

IndiaWorx is a technology base solutions company with focus on providing State of Art innovative solutions.