Case Studies

Indore 3rd time No. 1 cleanest city of IndiaIndore 3rd time No. 1 cleanest city of India Under Swachh Bharat Mission IMC planned to make Indore city:

  • Bin free
  • Litter free
  • Dust free

Challenges faced by IMC

  • Issues with Outsourced Agency’s functioning
  • Condition of Garbage Containers
  • In-disciplined Sweeping Staff
  • Non-functional Workshop
  • High court intervention due to PIL
  • Unscientific Disposal Site

Other Challenges & Dead Lock

  • Demotivated Staff
  • Negligible public participation
  • Lack of trust for Indore Municipal Corporation
  • No door to door waste collection
  • No plastic waste management system
  • Insufficient infrastructure and machinery

New beginning – Objective define for Integrated Solid Waste Management

  • Bin free city
  • Litter free city
  • Dust free city
  • Management of transfer station secondary transportation
  • Effective management of sweeping staff & outsourced agency
  • Effective Processing of Waste & Scientific landfill
  • Bioremediation of old dumped waste
  • Effective 100% D2D waste collection

SWM Initiative of Indore

  • Door to Door waste collection and segregation
  • Evening cleaning and waste collection from commercial areas
  • Biometric attendance and GPS monitoring of vehicles
  • Mechanized road sweeping
  • Waste collection from bulk generators by a separate system
  • Litter picking along roads and open area/plots
  • Collection of construction and demolition debris
  • Establishment of Modern Transfer Station
  • Scientific Waste Processing
  • Engineered Landfill
  • Establishment and operation of small composting units
  • Establishment and operation of OWC composting system
  • Plastic waste collection and processing unit
  • Extensive IEBCC activities through NGOs and PR agencies
  • Other allied activities related to swachhta such as nala
  • cleaning, footpath,rotaries and left turns, green belts etc

Pilot Project for D2D Collection

  • Due to less political acceptance pilot project was started
  • For D2D MSW collection cycle rickshaw were deployed and only one motorized garbage tipper was used.
  • In ward 71 and 42 cycle rickshaw & 80 safaimitra were deployed
  • Efficiency of infrastructure & financial feasibility was worked out.

Learning from Pilot Project

  • By providing efficient door to door waste collection services, wards can be made bin free
  • Timely door to door collection service created confidence in citizens.
  • Political acceptance and ownership for door to door collection system.
  • 40 cycle rickshaw and 80 Safaimitra deployed in every ward.
  • This lead to high collection and transportation cost Rs. 2886 per MT
  • One small tipper covered one thousand household in a single trip
  • Cost effective D2D collection using 4-5 small tipper can be done in every ward @ Rs. 1662.

Effective D2D Waste Collection Vehicle

  • Door to door collection in all 85 wards
  • Provision for Segregation in all vehicles
  • Total 426 small tippers @ 4-5 tipper per ward
  • Cycle rickshaws for narrow lanes
  • Bin-Free City Initiative
  • Pilot project started in ward 71and 42
  • D2D Collection of waste in 10 wards
  • Bin Free Initiative started
  • D2D Collection of waste in all wards
  • Bin free City

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