GTS/Landfill Digitization

There are endless possibilities when it comes smart waste management solution. Once such out of box solution is to automate and / or digitize the place where the city’s waste is ultimately collected i.e. GTS or a Landfill.

IndiaWorx GTS/Landfill Digitization solution provides

  • Facility to set up Boom barrier which allows restricted footfall and disallows Unauthorized Vehicle Entry
  • Setting up CCTV/ANPR cameras which allows improved security and automatic reading of authorized vehicle movements
  • Setting up Weigh bridge and Integrating it with ANPR camera
  • Tracking and allowing only decimated waste collection vehicle is assigned to a GTS/landfill
  • Weighbridge facility is integrated with IndiaWorx SWM solution
  • Vehicle is weighed & waste is unloaded thus reports Total Dry & Wet Waste Collection
  • Apart from this, it would also have reports on waste generation based on the population

Our Applications

Smart Waste Management Solution

Mobile App
ULB/Citizen connect

Fuel Management System

GIS Survey & Digitalization

ULB Resource Management

Vehicle Tracking System

Weighbridge Automation

GTS/Landfill Digitization

Integrated Vehicle Console

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